Duan Yihong is a Chinese actor from Beijing.
  Born in Xinjiang, Duan Yihong graduated from Central Academy of Drama, majoring in Performance. During his four-year studies in university, he was regarded as the most outstanding students in academic among his class and was especially interested in theater. Therefore, he took part in eight dramas totally during his university life. After graduation, he was cast the leading roles in the drama Rhinoceros In Love (directed by Men Jinghui) and the drama Monument (directed by Zha Mingzhe) successively. The former was one of the representative works of Chinese Pioneer Drama and was especially popular among the college students around China.
  Duan¨s first co-starring character on the screen was a young killer in a TV series named The Nature Of Police (1999), and the boy killer¨s helplessness impressed the viewer.
  In 2002, Duan Yihong starred in the movie Drifters(Er Di) directed by Wang Xiaoshuai,the important symbol of the ^Sixth Generation ̄ of Chinese cinema directors .The movie was screened in the 56th Cannes International Film Festival and in this film Du Yihong acted as a repatriated stowaway who spending his days as a slacker until his son come back . Duan got the Best Actor Award in the later India International Film Festival by this movie thanks to his wonderful acting .After three years in 2005, he got a opportunity to work with another Sixth Generation director Lou Ye in Lou¨s film Summer Palace, and the film entered 59th Cannes International Film Festival ^ the official selection in Competition ̄
  ^To find a sense of challenge and shock in the character. ̄ Duan Yihong always made such a comment on own characters and films. Either for the Chinese military officer with great dignity in The Proof of Memories (2005 CCTV), or for the enigmatic Director of Special Forces in Soldier¨s Sortie that is hot in every local TV station in 2007, his performance were always so perfect. Those serious of classic screen images have made more and more viewers remembered this excellent actor with fine acting and good personality.

  Personal Infomation

  Name: DUAN Yihong (DUAN Long)
  Gender: Male
  Date of Birth: 16 May
  Height: 1.77m
  Weight: 60kg-65kg

  Graduated in 1998 from Class 94 of Acting Department, Central Academy of Drama.

  Stage performances during academic years:
  The Well of the Saints
  First-degree Murder
  The Merchant of Venice

  Currently a professional actor of the National Theatre Company of China (NTCC)

  Stage Performances:
  2000 The Monument, as Stetko (director: ZHA Mingzhe)
  2001 The Monument, Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival
  Oct. 2002 The Monument, Tokyo Theatre Festival, Japan(?)
  Nov. 2002 The Monument, Macao Theatre Festival
  Oct. 2003 Rhinoceros in Love as MA Lu (director: MENG Jinghui)
  Dec. 2, 2003 Rhinoceros in Love Seoul International Theatre Festival, Korea
  Sep. 2004 Rhinoceros in Love Memorial performances of its 100th presentation, Beijing

  TV Series:
  The Nature of Police (XingJing BenSe) as LUO Yang (director: ZHANG Jiandong)
  The Proof of Memories (JiYi de Zhengming) as ZHOU Shangwen (director: YANG Yang)
  The Legend of Lady Li (LiJi ChuanQi) as Shi (director: QI Xing)
  Soldiers' Sortie (ShiBing TuJi) as YUAN Lang (director: KANG Honglei)

  Drifters (ErDi) as ErDi [the younger brother] (director: WANG Xiaoshuai)
  screened in the 56th Cannes International Film Festival
  (Award: Best Actor, International Film Festival of India)
  Summer Palace (YiHe Yuan) as Mr. TANG (director: LOU Ye)
  screened in the 59th Cannes International Film Festival
  Zee-Oui as Zee-Oui (director: Buranee Rachjaibun/
  Nida Suthat Na Ayutthaya, Thai)

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